PowerNET Support Center

General Questions

Will PowerNET Servers work behind a firewall or router?
Do I need a static IP address for PowerNET Servers to function properly?
Can I change the default port number on the server?
I can browse my server, but others receive "Page cannot be displayed". What is this?
Will the software work with a cable modem?
Will the software work with a DSL modem?
Will the software work with a Dial-up service?
I cannot figure out my firewall/router, can you guys get it working?
Which operating systems do you support?

PowerNET Web File Sharing

Can I password protect a resource?
My connection is consumed by downloaders, can I limit the speed?
Can I block a someones computer connection?
Why does my connection slow to about 4/KB or 5/KB after 10 minutes?
How do I allow uploading?

PowerNET WWW Server

I want to use PHP, where is it?
My CGI/ISAPI/PHP program is generating an Error 500, how do I fix it?
I want to run multiple web sites, will your software work?



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