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PNWFS - PowerNET File Sharing

Using our simple interface, you will have a fully functional password protected file transfer system up in minutes! Distribute software to your clients, display static pages, manuals, music, video and any other type of file you can imagine.

Share files with your clients, friends or family by simply running our small HTTP File Sharing.  The users connecting to your server will require no additional software!  PNWFS works over the standard HTTP protocol and is compatible with most Internet browsers (i.e. Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL, etc.).

PNWFS is a web server designed specifically for sharing files without any additional software. Users will be able to download files from your computer or upload files from their computer.  The file transfers can occur very easily using a standard web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape).  There is absolutely no software to install to take advantage of PNWFS.  

PNWFS supports any media type that you can imagine: exe, zip, rar, arj, mp3, avi, mpg and any other type that you can transfer/download using a standard web browser.

Using PNWFS you will have the ability to expose specific directories (folders) of your system, only directories that you want revealed.  PNWFS runs silently in the system tray and provides notification of downloads, connections and disconnections.

  • Directory/Folder password protection
  • Directory/Folder access per user
  • Uploading can be configured for each directory shared
  • Share unrelated directories of your system.
  • Hide directories and/or directorys and subdirectories with a click of a button.
  • Runs on any port you choose (defaults to port 80).
  • Dynamic DNS support (dyndns.org, cjb.net, No-ip) is built-in to the server.  No need to run seperate software for dynamic DNS services.
  • Restrict transfer speeds, number of connections, number of simultaneous downloads.
  • Allow or restrict uploading on a directory basis.
  • Ban users based on IP address.
  • User-defined templates supported allowing you to customize the users interaction with your web site completely.
  • Automatically determine your external IP address
  • Tracking of transfers (bytes uploaded and downloaded)
  • Logging of activities by users
  • Active view of connected users
  • Kick active connections with a click of a button.
  • Built-in options to check your router/firewall.

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